If you are looking to buy cheap, affordable, high quality and pure African gold bullion, then this is the site. We source gold bars, gold nuggets, gold ingots, raw gold on your behalf at the most competitive prices. Most of  gold is sourced from DRC Congo, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. We offer specialized advisory and consulting services to the minerals industry, commodities, natural resources and the gold industry, especially for people looking to buy or sell gold. We connect minerals and commodity buyers and sellers.

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We are specialist advisers, consultants and agents who will help you source gold and other minerals from small and medium mines and dealers from all over the African continent and especially the Great Lakes Region.

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A key consideration is that you can trust your gold and other mineral providers with regard to the authenticity of your product. Verifying the authenticity of the gold and other metals is of paramount importance. We have the experience and the authentication procedures in place to ensure that your gold bullion is genuine.

We ensure that all the gold you receive is refined by an accredited bullion mint or refiner, stamped with a serial number and is of a purity of at least 94.5%. Once a gold bar has been assayed and is of proven weight and purity to be accepted by the professional markets, the bar should remain in professional vaults recognised international financial exchanges. A gold bar that remains within the gold market’s chain of integrity can be easily traded and exchanged and furthermore, it does not need to be reassayed or reproven. Gold bullion that remains within the chain of integrity is said to be of ‘good delivery’ status.

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With uncertainty in the global economy and turmoil in financial markets, gold has become a safe bet for investors and individuals all over the world. Over our life time the value of gold has increased by 1000% making it a great keeper of wealth.

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