Are you looking to buy gold nuggets from Africa? African Gold Consultants will help source the best quality nuggets from established and verified miners and dealers. With years of expertise on the African gold scene, let us help you source gold nuggets in shortest possible time. We will connect you to a wide range of verified sellers and dealer, guiding you in the decision making process. Once you have a supplier of choice, we will help with all the documentation needed for a successful completion of the transaction to your satisfaction.


Buying natural gold and specimens is an excellent and exciting way to invest in Gold. We have some of the finest collectible Museum Grade, Jewelry Grade, and Investment Grade Nuggets that you will find anywhere. Our goal is to be your number one source for the finest quality gold and gold in quartz specimens. All of the gold we source for you is hand selected for their amazing quality and natural beauty. When you let us source nuggets, you can be assured that you will receive the finest natural gold available anywhere.

We source many different types of nuggets: placer, crystalline, crystals, wire, octahedrons, trigons, cubes, hoppered, spinnel, ribbon, unique shaped, gold in quartz specimens, and much more. This is the largest and most varied collection of natural gold specimens for sale that you will find anywhere.

Doing business in Africa can be complex and challenging because different reasons. Rather than take on this complex task, let us help you in this process. Therefore contact us to help in the process of sourcing your nuggets.


•Purity 98.82% Au
•Commodity:  GOLD
•Quality: min 98.82% Au
•Quantity: 500Kgs .
•Country of Origin: All Over Africa
•Packing: Well Secured Metal Boxes
•Price: Negotiable Depending on Supplier

Special shaped nuggets and rare nuggets and gold crystals will sometimes command such a high premium over spot gold prices that the weight is less relevant to the pricing. Therefore do not hesitate to contact us to help you source your gold.