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Month: December 2019

Raw Gold From Congo

Gold Suppliers In Africa

Gold Bullion From Gold Suppliers In Africa

If you are looking for Gold Suppliers in Africa, then look no further than African Gold Consultants. We are one of the foremost legitimate gold suppliers on the African continent. We are deeply entrenched on the continent and have been sourcing and supplying gold bullion for decades. So if you are thinking of buying gold from legitimate gold suppliers, then we should be the partner you seek. We are experts at sourcing and supplying the highest quality and pure gold bullion from all over the continent at affordable prices.

We Do Not Own Physical Gold Bullion

Please note that we do not own the physical gold bullion ourselves. Rather what we do is source whatever quantity of gold bullion you need from Gold Suppliers In Africa. Because of the trust and reputation we have built in the industry over the years, sourcing your physical gold bullion from us is a simple and quick process. We specialize in high quality and pure gold bars, gold nuggets and even dust. Please contact us to start the process of acquiring your gold bullion.

Buy Gold From Legitimate Gold Suppliers

Gold is a timeless commodity and a precious metal that has stood the test of time. It has been a keeper of wealth since the beginning of time. With economic advancement, gold is known as that commodity that locks value and doesn’t get affected by inflation. It is a commodity whose price keeps on rising. In your lifetime the price of gold per ounce could rise by as much as 1500%. So if you are looking to invest in physical gold bullion, then source your gold from legitimate gold suppliers through African Gold Consultants. We will walk the length and breadth of the African continent to make sure you only acquire the highest quality and pure gold bullion on the market.

Therefore contact us now for all your physical gold bullion needs. In addition to help you source the gold, we also do all the necessary documentation and paperwork to make the process as seamless for you as possible.

African Gold online

African Gold online

Affordable African Gold Online

Are you looking to buy affordable high quality African Gold online? Is yes then get in touch with African Gold Consultants to start the process of acquiring your gold bullion. We are one of the most reputable gold bullion brokerages on the continent seamlessly connecting buyers and sellers.  We will guide you through out the gold buying process until the transaction comes to a successful completion.

So if you are looking to purchase gold online, then let us help you. We will source the highest quality  gold and ship it to your preferred destination in the shortest time possible. Physical gold trumps paper gold or gold futures as a form of investment and is not prone to fluctuations and uncertainty that characterize other asset classes.

Source of Our Gold Online

Given our large footprint on the African Continent, we source the purest and highest quality gold from all over the continent. Our 24 karat gold comes from Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, to mention but a few.

The gold comes in various forms, shapes and sizes, so it is up to you to decide what kind you want to order. We have assayed gold bullion bars, gold nuggets, fine gold, and gold pellets available.  You can also order your gold in raw form, or as an already refined product.

Logistics, Customs and Transportation.

As the number one gold broker on the continent, we are also specialists in logistics, customs and transportation of all your gold online purchases. We take care of all the documentation, verification, export permits, customs, storage and transportation of your gold bullion. We make a seamless and hassle free process to your complete satisfaction. So if you looking to acquire gold online, then African Gold Consultants should be your preferred partner.

African Gold Suppliers In Kuwait

African Gold Bullion For Sale

High Quality African Gold Bullion 

Are you looking for African gold bullion? If your answer is in the affirmative, then let African Gold Consultants be your preferred partner in sourcing the gold bullion for you. As an African based company, no one matches our expertise and footprint in the gold selling and buying business. Our core business is to connect legitimate and genuine gold buyers and sellers.  The process of buying and selling gold on the African continent is no easy task with many hurdles. However with our expertise and know how of the local gold scene, we will help you in this process making sure any transaction you undertake comes to fruition.

Africa is a continent awash with gold. Small artisan miners can be found in every corner of the continent with a gold product no less in value to that of established mining companies. Thousands of miners in countries like Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Mali, Burkina Faso, Uganda, and Equatorial Guinea produce thousands of tons of gold which finds its way on to the mainstream market.

Acquiring Your African Gold Bullion 

Letting us source your gold bullion for your is the best option given the intricacies of the gold market on the continent.  With decades of experience and great success in the gold business, we are the reliable partner you need. Therefore contact us now to start the process of acquiring African gold bullion.

Pure Gold Bars

  • Are you a gold trader looking for 22 carat gold and above sold at below the market prices?
  • Do you want to buy gold whose purity is 96% from the most trusted gold sellers from Africa?
  • Have you been looking for an opportunity to acquire cheap African gold?

Therefore contact us today and order any quantity from a few grams to hundreds of kilograms. We are here to help you in acquiring the highest quality gold from the African continent.

Buy Raw Gold From Africa

Pure Gold For Sale From Africa

Pure Gold For Sale In Africa

African Gold Consultants is the leading authority in sourcing pure gold for sale on the African continent. With our large network of dependable, reliable and vastly experienced of gold buyers and sellers, we are your number one stop for all your gold bullion needs. We source the highest pure gold from all over Africa at the most affordable prices.  Most of the gold bullion we source is 96% purity.

Global trends reveal that investing in gold is always a safe bet. Gold keeps its value over time and can be made liquid anytime. So to avoid the pitfalls of up and down stock markets, inflation, trade wars and general economic uncertainty, it is a rather prudent choice to invest in gold bullion.

Affordable Pure Gold

We are  the market leader in sourcing pure gold for sale from any corner of the continent. We have been in this market for decades and have mastered all intricacies involved in the trade. So if you are looking to acquire pure gold bullion, then let us be your trusted partner in this endeavor. We will source and negotiate the best available price for your gold bullion.

Sourcing Your Gold Bullion

Whether you need only a handful of grams or hundreds of kilograms, we are here to ensure you get your gold bullion in the shortest time possible. Apart from sourcing pure gold, we offer testing and laboratory services to make sure the gold bullion you are purchasing is the real deal.

After successfully acquiring gold from us, we make sure to organize all the required documentation and paperwork required for you to ship your gold to your preferred destinations without any hustles or unnecessary delays.

Therefore if you wish to acquire pure gold in any given quantity, then contact African Gold Consultants to kick start the process. We will make the whole process seamless, cost effective and very satisfactory.

Gold Dore Bars From Congo

High Quality Gold Bars

High Quality Gold Bars From Africa

Are you in Africa and looking to buy high quality gold bars?  If the answer is yes, then African Gold Consultants is your preferred partner to help you in this endeavor. Let us help you take care of all these processes saving you a lot of time and money.

Gold has always been a safe investment bet for savvy investors who want to escape the volatility of other asset classes. Gold generally retains its value, and most importantly it has strongly appreciated in value over our lifetime. Therefore let us guide you in the process of acquiring gold bars from the African continent.

Acquire High Quality Gold Bars

The process of buying gold on the African continent can be quite complicated and daunting task for a first time buyer or investor. However even a savvy and experienced buyer can get caught up in the bureaucratic processes and legalities.  At African Gold Consultants we will guide you through the whole process making it seamless and saving you a lot of time and money. We will help you source and negotiate an affordable price for your gold bullion. We also take of all the paperwork and documentation required, as well as customs, storage and transportation.

Please note that we also provide verification services, as well as testing of your gold bullion. A lot of investors want to buy high quality gold that is ethically mined and conflict free so as not to fall foul of international laws and conventions. We will do all the verification in this regard, as well as acquiring all the necessary certification.

So if you are looking to acquire affordable and high quality gold on the African continent, then contact us immediately. We have a wide footprint on the continent connecting gold buyers and sellers. Whatever quantity of gold required, we can source in the shortest possible time to your satisfaction.

Raw Gold Sellers

African Gold Nuggets For Sale


African Gold Consultants is the number one source of African Gold Nuggets. So if you are looking to buy gold bullion in nugget form, then let us help you in this regard. Buying gold nuggets to protect you from market uncertainty is a very viable and prudent way of protecting and growing your finances. It is a very powerful commodity that protects against inflation the cyclical nature of other asset classes. Therefore a very prudent decision to invest in gold.

Purified gold nuggets come in different forms, shapes and sizes. Whatever your needs, African Gold Consultants will ensure you get the most pure and highest quality nuggets available on the continent.

Because of any extensive experience and networks, the process of buying gold is so much easier. It is thus prudent to contact us immediately.


African Gold Consultants is a gold consulting and advisory company with stores and offices in South Africa, Kenya and Uganda. We have a proven track record of connecting buyers and sellers of gold bullion on the continent. All transactions are fully legitimate and compliant with the laws of any of the host countries we deal in.

So whether you are a small time investor looking to secure a few grams, or a seasoned bulk buyer, African Gold Consultants is here to help you secure the highest quality purified gold nuggets from across the African continent at the most affordable prices.  Please note that our turnaround times are also unprecedented in the industry. Rather than waiting, lets us secure your gold bullion in the shortest time possible.


Sourcing purified gold nuggets from African Gold Consultants means that you do not have to go through the arduous bureaucratic and sometimes difficult process of documentation and verification. Given our extensive knowledge and contacts on the continent, means acquiring all the necessary permits and documents will be a smooth and fast process saving you valuable time and money.  Teams of our dedicated staff are always available to handle and solve all queries in the gold sourcing process.  Therefore contact us now for all your gold bullion needs.

Buy African Gold

Genuine Gold From Africa

Buy Genuine Gold From Africa

The buying and sourcing of genuine gold from Africa can be a daunting prospect. Without the right people and advice, it can become a gold investor’s worst nightmare. If you are looking to invest in large quantities of gold, then let African Gold Consultants source bulk and genuine gold for you. We source all kinds of gold from across the African continent in any quantity and preference. With our extensive network of buyers and sellers, you are certainly in the right hands

Let us take care of all the uncertainty and bureaucratic processes involved in the process for you. Sourcing your bulk gold from us guarantees you will have your product on time without any hassles or unnecessary delays.

Gold is synonymous with wealth and money, and has always been a safe investment. It is a wise investment in times of uncertainty. Given our extensive sourcing network, we can get you bulk and legitimate genuine gold from Africa at unbelievable prices. This will enable you make a hefty return on your gold investment.

Diversify By Investing in Genuine Gold From Africa

In order to have a diversified portfolio, an investor should have at least 5-10% of his assets invested in the gold portfolio. In general, many people have poorly diversified portfolios. Your investment portfolio must have different asset classes. One of the most secure asset classes is gold. Therefore it would be a very wise and fulfilling decision to start thinking of buying gold now. Let African Gold Consultants guide you in every way of the process.

Diversification is the only way to secure wealth, and gold is a good ingredient for it. Let us help you source your genuine gold from Africa for you.

Pure 24 Carat Gold

At African Gold Consultants, we will help you source bulk genuine gold at wholesale prices. We pride ourselves in connecting buyers and sellers based on trust and loyalty. We have the experience and expertise in sourcing g the purest, the highest quality and the most-priced gold from the African continent. Whatever quantity of gold that you would like invest in can be sourced from legitimate buyers in the shortest time possible. All you have to do is to place an order now and we will deliver it.

In addition, we also process all the necessary documentation required in the whole process and can also store or transport the gold for you to your preferred destination at a fraction of the cost. Therefore if you are considering in investing or buying bulk genuine gold from Africa, then contact us immediately.

Buy Raw Gold From Africa

Real Gold From Africa

Real Gold From Africa At The Most Affordable Prices

African Gold Consultants is the number one supplier of Real Gold From Africa at the most affordable prices on the continent. Pure African gold is right here with us. Are you looking for the purest, the highest quality and the cheapest gold in the world? Gold bullion is an excellent tool for portfolio diversification, as it usually shows the opposite line stock prices. Gold mixed with stocks and bonds can make your portfolio less volatile. As a result, if your interest goes as high as expected, a portion of the gold in the portfolio will save your position. Gold bars to diversifying your investment portfolio is available right here.

Order Gold Bars In Any Quantity

The highest quality, the purest and cheapest African gold is available here in all quantities. Whether you simply want a handful or just a few kilograms to quench your thirst for this mineral with and will have it. You can buy up to 200 kilograms from us. As you already know, there are many reasons to consider buying gold in order to preserve and increase your wealth. Remember that gold is an investment tool that is time-tested. Not only is gold a very reliable tool, but it may award you a large profit if you do it the right. But gold can be particularly useful in a crisis.

Real Gold From Africa For Sale With All Documentation

African Gold Consultants offers a safe and secure environment for all gold purchases big or small. Buying Gold Bars through us means a seamless and fast process. All gold purchases come with the requisite documentation and paperwork in accordance with local and international laws. FOB shipping is available for those who buy our gold in bulk. If you are a cash-and-carry customer, you will be in a position to transport your gold immediately after the successful completion of the transaction. So if you are looking to acquire Real Gold From Africa, then let us be your preferred partner.

Raw Gold From Congo

African Gold Dealers

Genuine African Gold Dealers

African Gold Consultants are the number one legitimate and genuine African Gold Dealers. We have a wide footprint on the African continent and our expertise in sourcing gold is unmatched. So if you are looking for a genuine gold dealer for all your gold bullion requirements, then you are in the right place. We source the best and highest quality gold on the continent at very cheap and affordable prices.

We have the highest quality gold that you can ever lay your hands on. This is the only place in the world where you can buy gold at below the market price. Buy gold affordably through us and start your way to affluence. We have the highest quality and the purest 24K gold from the rich goldmines of Africa. If you are interested in our gold, get in touch with us immediately.

Gold Investment As A Safe Haven

History tells us that investing in gold has been a proven method to preserve the value of your assets. If your investments are valued at a depreciation of the currency, the allocation of a fraction of your money in the gold assets is similar to a financial insurance policy. In recent years, the rise in the price of gold has been due to many factors. One of them has been the weakening of some important currencies. Now just imagine where your wealth would be if you totally relied on paper money. Therefore source your gold from us; the best African Gold Dealers.

Source Dore Bars From Gold Dealers From Africa

African Gold Consultants has decades of experience in the gold bullion trade on the African continent. We therefore have a very deep understanding of all the intricacies involved in the gold trade in Africa. So if you want a hassle free gold bullion transaction, then let us be your preferred sourcing partner. We take care of all the necessary verification; documentation and transportation to enable you have a successful transaction. Therefore contact us immediately if you want to source bullion from the best African Gold Dealers.

African Gold Sellers In South Korea

African Gold Sellers

Purchase Gold From  African Gold Sellers

If you are looking for African Gold Sellers, then look no further than African Gold Consultants. We are the foremost suppliers of gold bullion from the African continent with years of experience in the gold trade and no business is too small or too big for us to handle. We are deeply entrenched in the gold supply business in Africa.

So if you are looking for a safe pair of hands and a trusted partner for gold purchases in Africa then contact us now. We supply gold dore bars, gold nuggets, pellets and gold dust in any quantity you desire. If you need a few grams or hundreds of kilograms, we will do your bidding. Our gold is of the purest and highest quality, at the most affordable prices. Therefore contact us on the contact form below to start purchasing gold bullion from the best African Gold Sellers.

High Quality Gold From The Best Gold Supplier In Africa

When it comes to the yellow metal we have the purest and highest quality gold at the lowest prices mined from the African continent. We supply the best 22k gold bullion from alluvial mines all over the Great Lakes Region. We have leases on small mines dotted all over the region, meaning we source directly without the use of middlemen or brokers. This means we are able to pass on a lot of price savings directly to the buyer. It is thus not surprising that we are the best gold supplier in Africa. Buying gold from us means a great return on investment.

Buy Any Quantity And We Will Process All Documentation

We have gold in all quantities here. You can buy a handful, a kilo or any bulk quantity of gold bullion from us. We also process any gold documentation and paperwork required in the transportation of your gold. Ours is a hassle free, swift and very secure process enabling all transactions to be processed in the shortest time possible. We also ensure strict confidentiality and privacy in all gold bullion purchases, FOB shipping services are also available to any place around the world. If you want to hedge against inflation, gold investment is the best option. It is thus prudent that you contact the best African Gold Sellers to start buying gold bullion.

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