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Pure 22 Karat Gold Bars

Pure 22 Karat Gold Bars

Pure 22 Karat Gold Bars At Affordable Prices

Are you looking for pure 22 karat gold bars at the most affordable prices? If yes, then look no further than African Gold Consultants. We are the number one supplier of gold bars on the African Continent, at the cheapest and most affordable prices. We have built and extensive network of local gold suppliers and artisan miners. In addition we also hold a number of small leases on small scale mines within the Democratic Republic of Congo. So if you are looking for a head start in the gold trading business, then partner with us. We are not typically locals it’s just that the company is local company but we trade professionally. So nothing should stop you from wherever you are to come and invest in gold. All you need is to contact us for more information.

Buy Pure 22 Karat Gold Bars Directly

One of the important questions in the gold trade is what is the best price to buy this metal? If you want to buy pure 22 karat gold bars, then let us help you source it directly. By cutting out the middle man, we enable you gain considerable price savings, hence the cheap and affordable price. So if you want physical pure 22 karat gold bars of the best quality you should come to Africa. We have the perfect quality of gold you are looking for in nuggets and Dore bars.

Pure 22 Karat Gold Bars With All Documentation

At African Gold Consultants, we pride ourselves on highest service levels and transparency. All our gold transactions big or small comes with all the required paperwork and documentation. We do not want you to fall foul of any local or international legal requirements. Thus we strive to make sure all the business we do is legitimate and can muster legal scrutiny. So when dealing with us you will have a full sense of security and peace of mind knowing that everything is in order. Apart from providing legal documentation, we also help with customs clearance and transportation to enable you courier your gold to your preferred destination.

Therefore contact us now on the form below to start the process of acquiring pure 22 karat gold bars.

investment gold bars

Investment Gold Bars In Qatar

Investment Gold Bars In Qatar

Are you in Qatar and looking to acquire gold bullion for investment purposes? If so, African Gold Consultants supplies the highest quality and most affordable investment gold bars in Qatar. Our gold bars can be supplied starting at 200 grams up to 10 kilograms at 22 karat or 24 karat purity. Buying investment gold bars from us guarantees you maximum future profits as our prices are unbeatable. Our prices are below prevailing market prices because of our extremely low cost base. We source our gold directly without the use of brokers or middlemen enabling us to pass the price savings onto our clients.

Come and buy physical gold from us and we will use our in-house service to transport your gold bullion to your preferred destination.For more information on how you can invest in this metal, you can still contact us through the contact form below.

Buy Investment Gold Bars In Bulk

While we cater for small individual buyers, special discounts are however afforded to bulk buyers. We offer a completely safe and secure environment for all gold bullion transactions. For those looking for increased profitability, the best bet is to buy investment gold bars in bulk. Special discounts mean the cheapest and lowest prices you can get anywhere on the African continent. Bulk sales doesn’t mean we compromise on the quality and purity of your gold bullion. All the gold bullion is source from the rich mines in the Great Lakes region but more especially from the Democratic Republic of Congo. If you are wondering how it feels to get hold of physical gold make sure that you come and buy the metal from us.

Buy Investment Gold Bars With Legal Documents

All investment gold bars procured through African Gold Consultants comes with all the required legal documentation. All our gold bullion is from verified and legitimate sources and meets all local and international legal standards. We are not involved in the illegal or illicit gold trade that is rife in Africa. We value our relationships with our clients and would not want them to fall foul of the law. Apart from providing legal documentation, we also do customs clearance to enable you transport your gold to your destination of choice. Therefore contact us on the form below.

Pure African Gold Bars

Buy Gold Bars In Saudi Arabia At The Cheapest Prices

Buy Gold Bars In Saudi Arabia At The Cheapest Prices

African Gold Consultants enables you to buy gold bars in Saudi Arabia at the cheapest and most affordable prices anywhere. We source gold bars from African countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, South Sudan and other countries. The gold bars are of the highest purity and quality, and is sourced directly from small mines, hence the affordable prices. Therefore if you are looking to buy gold in Saudi Arabia at the cheapest prices, then contact us right away.

Buy Gold Bars in Saudi Arabia From Africa

When you partner with us, you can buy gold bars starting from from 200 grams to 200 kgs. We are the number one source for gold bars, gold nuggets, gold dust from all over Africa. So if you looking to buy gold bars in Saudi Arabia, then let us be your preferred partner. We also have a few leases on mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This  means when can afford to sell you high quality gold at the cheapest prices. 

The uniqueness of buying gold from Africa is that there is not a lot of bureaucratic strictness making it the best source for all your gold bullion needs. Therefore contact us now if you looking to buy gold bars in Saudi Arabia at the cheapest prices.

Buy Gold Bars In Saudi Arabia With All Documentation

Buying gold bars in Saudi Arabia through us means your transaction will be handled speedily with strict privacy and confidentiality. More important is that we handle all the required documentation for all gold bullion transactions. Our gold goes through all the legitimate channels and is verifiable according to all applicable local and international laws.

Trading with us doesn’t involve third parties or brokers because we are the real sellers. We provide proper documentation for our gold provide legal possession of the metal in your country so that there is no risk on your part as the buyer. It is therefore prudent that if you want to buy gold bars in Saudi Arabia, then African Gold Consultants should be your partner of choice.

Pure African Gold Bars

Affordable Pure Gold Bars For Sale

Affordable Pure Gold Bars For Sale

African Gold Consultants has affordable pure gold bars for sale. So why not take up the opportunity to invest in your future by contacting us? The standard gold bar held and traded internationally by central banks and bullion dealers is the good delivery bar with a 400 oz (troy-ounce) nominal weight. So if you want to buy gold bullion, then now should be the right time to invest. With us you are sure to get cheap and affordable gold. Not only is it cheap and affordable, but it is also of the highest quality. While the pricing might be below expected spot bullion prices, you are still getting the real product acceptable to any refinery in the world. Therefore get in touch with us to acquire affordable pure gold bars now.

Buy Affordable Pure Gold Bars From Us Now.

Gold has generally held its status as an investment haven in times of global uncertainty and disparate economic growth. Gold has for long been a hedge against inflation, and it’s pricing in dollars and at the same time as the reserve currency globally. Become a prudent and savvy investor by acquiring your affordable pure gold bars from us now. Demand for gold bullion is on the increase, so do not be left out in the cold when the hard times hit.

The demand for Gold has been increasing, with developing economies accounting for two thirds of the growth in demand, led by China and India. In addition to this, the gold mine supply is expected to peak in 2018, which is supportive for a bullish view on gold prices. This is supported by a few big global players like Goldman Sachs who recently revised their gold price forecasts upwards. It is therefore a very worthwhile undertaking to buy affordable pure gold bars from African Gold Consultants.

Buy Gold Bars With Proper Documentation

All gold bullion acquired through us comes with all the proper documentation required to purchase and transport your gold. We only source affordable pure gold bars from legitimate and verified sources. This will give you peace of mind as it guaranteed a quick and hassle free process of buying gold.

Legitimate Gold Sellers

Legitimate Gold Sellers From Africa

Legitimate Gold Sellers From Africa

Are you looking for legitimate gold sellers from Africa. If your answer is yes, then you are at the right website. The gold trade can be a very profitable and lucrative business if done right. However it can also be your worst nightmare if you fall foul of unscrupulous dealers. As in any high risk but profitable business, the onus falls on the buyer to do the necessary due diligence. There are a lot of fraudsters and scammers out there looking to prey on the unwitting investor. This is where we come in. African Gold Consultants has been operation in the gold bullion business on the continent for over a decade. Over that time we have built a network of legitimate gold sellers on the continent. So if your are looking for genuine gold bullion, then you should partner with us.

We connect genuine gold sellers and buyers and help you through out the process of acquiring your gold bullion. We stick with you from the start of the transaction, until you get the results you desire. No transaction done through us can be sanctioned or completed until we have completed all the necessary legal checks especially with regards to the seller. So if you are looking for a trusted partner with integrity, then contact us immediately.

Buy Cheap Gold Bars From Legitimate Gold Sellers

The fact that we source all our gold bullion at source and without the use of middlemen means we can offer you very competitive prices. We also offer highly discounted prices especially for bulk buyers and repeat customers. So if you are looking to acquire high quality and pure gold bars, then let us connect you to legitimate gold sellers. We supply gold bars in all quantities, be it very small or really bulk sales. Dealing with us will guarantee you peace of mind. All our transactions are concluded in safe secure environments of your choice. This guarantees you security and insurance through out the gold buying process. Therefore contact us immediately to start the process of acquiring cheap gold bars from legitimate gold sellers.

Proper Documentation When You Deal With Us

At African Gold Consultants no transaction can proceed without all the necessary documentation, paperwork and permits. If you partner with us, we make sure we take care of all the bureaucratic processes. This ensures a hassle free, quick and efficient transaction for all parties involved.

Pure 22 Karat Gold Bars

Buy Bulk Gold Bars From Africa

Buy Bulk Gold Bars From Africa

African Gold Consultants is the premier company to help you buy bulk gold bars from the African continent. Any savvy gold investor well versed with African current affairs will know that the DRC Congo and the Great Lakes region is now the foremost supplier of quality gold bullion. If you are looking for pure, high quality gold bullion at cheap and affordable prices then you should deal with us. We are experts at sourcing the best and highest quality gold therefore contact us now to buy bulk gold bars from the African continent.

We are dedicated to assisting our investors and customers get the best out of their bulk gold investments. Massive discounted rates for bulk gold buyers is now on offer. As a bulk gold buyer we understand the need for you to make a profit from your investment, therefore we offer you high quality bars at fixed wholesale prices. This is made possible by the fact that we source our gold directly from source with no middle men involved. We then pass on the price savings we make to our bulk gold bullion buyers. This is the right time to get in touch to buy bulk gold bars from Africa.

Discounted Bulk Gold Bars

At African Gold Consultants bulk gold buyers are those buying 50 kilograms and above. Buyers in this category are considered premium buyers and quality for massively discounted prices on offer. A comparison of our prices to the prevailing gold spot prices on international markets will give you an appreciation of our prices. Why look else where when you can acquire pure quality gold bullion at very affordable prices? Please note also that even with the heavily discounted prices, there is always still room for negotiation. So why not contact us now to start the process of buying bulk gold bars from the African continent.

Buy Gold Bullion Directly From Source

Anyone who has done business before knows that buying any product from source means massive price savings. By cutting out middlemen you are sure to maximize your return on investment. We pride ourselves on being able to supply any quantity of gold as long as there is prevailing market demand. We therefore implore you to contact us now to start the process of buying bulk gold bars.

Singapore Gold Bars

Gold For Sale In Dubai Today

Gold For Sale In Dubai

If you are looking for gold for sale in Dubai, then look no further than African Gold Consultants. We are deeply entrenched in the Dubai gold market, and are major suppliers of gold bullion to the UAE. We source our gold bullion directly from mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Great Lakes Region. This means we have the purest highest quality gold bullion available from the African continent at very affordable prices. Therefore if you are looking for gold for sale in Dubai, then do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

A cursory glance at gold futures and spot price predictions for the next few years indicate an upward trend in prices of gold bullion. As an investor looking to diversify their portfolio this is the time to invest in physical gold. While for now we seem to be having a strong bull run on the stock markets, one has to keep in mind that this upswing will end soon. To cushion yourself for the bear market or downswing, physical gold is the way to go. It is time for you to start buying gold bullion today. We have the highest quality 24K gold, the purest gold and the most wanted mineral from the African continent here on sale at the best price ever. If you wish to acquire gold for sale in Dubai today, then contact us immediately.

Best Priced Gold For Sale In Dubai

Gold holdings can help you secure your assets against inflation or a collapse of the economic system. To hedge assets against inflation or a collapse of the economic system, invest in physical gold holdings. In that case, 100g gold bars are the best option in our opinion. Buy that gold from us today. We have the purest, the highest quality and the most referred 24K gold from the DR Congo and the Great Lakes region. All the gold we sell has been properly verified and is from genuine and legitimate sources. Please contact us immediately for gold for sale in Dubai.

Documentation and Shipping Taken Care Of

When you purchase your gold from African Gold Consultants, we make sure to organise all the proper documentation and shipping required. We have built an extensive logistics and transportation network enabling you get gold bullion with peace of mind. Not only do we sell gold but we also provide maximum security to our clients. So you have to utilize this opportunity to buy gold at the lowest prices that you will resale at a higher price or value. Because of this get in touch with us now.

Gold Dealers From Africa

Buy Gold Bars in USA

Buy Gold Bars in USA

Gold bars are a savvy investment and a guarantor of wealth. If you a prudent investor, then this is the opportunity to buy gold bars in USA. African Gold Consultants is a premium supplier of gold bars, gold nuggets and ingots to the USA market. Therefore make the wise choice and contact us for all your bullion needs. We sell pure high quality gold bars sourced from mines all over Africa at cheap and affordable prices.

So if you are looking for profit maximization in the gold trade, and are looking to buy gold bars in USA, then choose African Gold Consultants. Profit maximization simply means you attain gold bullion at very cheap and competitive prices, and sell at the spot price. We are experts at sourcing gold from small artisan miners, refining it and bringing it to the formal gold market. Gold mining is a major activity on the African continent, making the continent awash with high quality gold bullion at very affordable prices. Therefore if you are looking to invest in cheap gold bullion, then contact us now.

How To Buy Gold Bars In USA

African Gold Consultants makes buying gold bars in USA a simple and hassle free process. All you have to do is contact us on the contact form provided on the website, and we will get back to you to discuss your specific needs. All the gold bullion we offer for sale is from verified and genuine sources, with all the necessary documentation to back it up.

A Risk Free Investment

A lot of people ask about the risks involved in purchasing gold bullion from the African continent. When you partner with African Gold Consultants, we cover that risk for you and deliver your gold bullion to your preferred destination. We are experts at testing, verification, documentation, customs and transportation of all kinds of verification. Our expertise means you acquire the highest quality gold bullion risk free. So if you are looking to buy gold bars in USA, then contact us now.

High Quality African Gold

Buy Gold Bars Online

Buy Gold Bars Online

If you wish to buy gold bars online, then this is the right website for yu. When it comes to making investments, gold is a stable and respected choice. If your purchase is purely from an investment stand point, a bar of gold can be a better option than a lot of other asset classes. The value of gold bar is also more stable as compared to that of other investment options like bonds, stocks etc. Because of this, buying gold bars online couldn’t be a more prudent choice.

Online Gold Purchases

At African Gold Consultants, we make buying gold bars online a simple and hassle free. Simply contact us and buy gold bars online. You can scroll through our extensive collection of gold bars online, and select the one that best suits your needs. You can be assured that you are getting the best quality of gold bar. Another compelling reason to buy gold bars online is that you do not have to be concerned about the security. Once you select from the gold bars for sale, your order is delivered safely to your doorstep.

Different Gold Bar Weights

Gold bars come in a variety of weights, from extremely small pieces, to larger ingots. Depending on your investment needs, and how you plan to utilise your assets in future, you can purchase the appropriate weight of gold bar. We recommend choosing a smaller weight of gold bar if you are looking to divide your assets soon. Doing so allows you the liberty of liquidating only as much of your assets as are required.

Affordable Gold Bars Online.

Ensure you get the most out of your investment with our competitive gold bar cost. With African Gold Consultants, you can choose from a range of pure gold bars for sale, and select those within the price bracket that suits your investment needs. You can also compare different gold bar prices and make an informed decision. If you are concerned about the constantly fluctuating cost of gold bars, fret not. The rate of gold is available on online so you can check the price of gold bars today, and accordingly make your purchase.

Hassle-Free Purchase

With African Gold Consultants, investing in gold bars becomes an effortless affair. Log on at any time of the day, and take your pick of gold bar from the convenience of your home. With online payment, timely delivery, and our dedicated customer service team, we ensure your experience of choosing from bar of gold prices and weights is a pleasant one. Therefore contact us now to buy gold bars online.

Buy Gold In Uganda

Buy Gold In Uganda

Gold For Sale In Uganda

Gold production in Uganda has radically increased in the recent past. So if you are looking to buy gold in Uganda, then African Gold Consultants should be your preferred partner. Today gold sales contribute about 30% of Uganda’s export revenue. With gold deposits spread across the country, Ugandan gold companies a great opportunity to invest in gold

Gold Mining Regions

So far, exploitation of gold in the country has been concentrated in a few areas such as Karamoja, Kigezi, Busia, Mubende and Buhweju. Most of the gold mined in the past was on a small-scale in the Buhweju basin. However, there has been an increase in the number of big multinational businesses coming in during the past few years. This shows the growing industry and bright future that Uganda has for mining. Therefore if you are looking to buy gold in Uganda, then let us help you.

Gold mining in Uganda started in the 1920s with the locals carrying out artisanal gold mining along the river basins. Some of the earliest gold discoveries include the Mubende district, Kanungu district and Busia district among others while some of the early mines that were established in the country were the Busitema gold mine and the Kisita Gold Mine. Most of the gold mining in Uganda is still done by small-scale artisans, as has been the case for years.

Buy Gold In Uganda

Most areas have not been properly explored for the purposes of commercial mining. This leaves most gold rich areas to artisans who use traditional methods to mine gold. This shows the great potential that this country offers since there is so much country yet to be surveyed by competent geologists.

So if you are look to buy gold in Uganda, let African Gold Consultants help you source the highest quality and affordable gold from all over the Country. We connect gold sellers and buyers making for a speedy and successful transaction. With years of experience in sourcing gold from the African continent, we make buying and selling gold a seamless and smooth process. We are also specialists in testing, verification, documentation, customs and transportation. So for all your gold bullion needs, contact us now.

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