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Gold Mining In Tanzania

Gold Mining In Tazania

Tazania is fast becoming a powerhouse when it comes to gold mining on the African continent. Gold reserves in the country are estimated at about 45 million ounces. About 50 tons of gold are mined each year in the country which makes it the fourh largest gold mining country on the continent after South Africa, Ghana and Mali. Gold mining and exports account for about 22% of GDP. Most of the gold is mined around the Lake Victoria basin, in the Greenstone belt. Tanzania exports gold mainly to South Africa, India and Switzerland.

Gold Mining Areas

Bulyanhulu Gold Mine

Bulyanhulu Gold Mine is an underground gold mine in the Shinyanga region of Northwestern Tanzania, located 55km south of Lake Victoria and operated by Acacia Mining. It commenced commercial production in 2001 and has produced over 3m oz of gold to date.  In 2015, Acacia pulled out 273,552 oz of gold and aims at reaching 350,000 per year over the medium term.

Buzwagi Gold Mine

Buzwagi is an open pit gold mine in the Shinyanga region of Northwestern Tanzania, located 6km southeast from the town of Kahama in Tanzania. It commenced commercial production in 2009 and has produced over 1m oz of gold to date. In 2015, Acacia pulled out 171,172 oz of gold.

North Mara Gold Mine

The gold mine a combined open pit and underground gold mine in the Mara Region of Tanzania and also operated by Acacia Mining. North Mara commenced commercial production in 2002 and has produced over 2m oz of gold to date. In 2015, Acacia pulled out 287,178 oz of gold.

Geita Gold Mine

This mine is located in the Geita region of Northwestern Tanzania. Geita is an open pit gold mine and started operations in 2000, initially as a joint venture of AngloGold and Ashanti. Since 2000, the Geita gold mine has produced more than 3m oz of gold. In 2015, AngloGold Ashanti’s gold production out of Geita stood at 527,000 oz.

New Luika Gold Mine

New Luika is an active gold mine in the Mbeya region of Tanzania.  In 2015, Shanta Gold produced 81,873 oz of gold out of New Luika. Golden Pride Gold Mine Golden Pride was an open pit gold mine located in the Tabora Region of Tanzania. Resolute, an Australian mining company, began construction of the Golden Pride mine in 1997 and operated the mine for 15 years producing more than 2.2m oz of gold.

Affordable Gold Mined In Tanzania

African Gold Consultants is your preferred partner when it comes to gold mining in Tanzania. If your are looking for high quality affordable gold bullion from Tanzania, then let us source it for you. With years of experience in connecting gold buyers and sellers, we are your foremost partner in the gold mining industry. Therefore contact us now.

Buy Gold In Uganda

Buy Gold In Uganda

Gold For Sale In Uganda

Gold production in Uganda has radically increased in the recent past. So if you are looking to buy gold in Uganda, then African Gold Consultants should be your preferred partner. Today gold sales contribute about 30% of Uganda’s export revenue. With gold deposits spread across the country, Ugandan gold companies a great opportunity to invest in gold

Gold Mining Regions

So far, exploitation of gold in the country has been concentrated in a few areas such as Karamoja, Kigezi, Busia, Mubende and Buhweju. Most of the gold mined in the past was on a small-scale in the Buhweju basin. However, there has been an increase in the number of big multinational businesses coming in during the past few years. This shows the growing industry and bright future that Uganda has for mining. Therefore if you are looking to buy gold in Uganda, then let us help you.

Gold mining in Uganda started in the 1920s with the locals carrying out artisanal gold mining along the river basins. Some of the earliest gold discoveries include the Mubende district, Kanungu district and Busia district among others while some of the early mines that were established in the country were the Busitema gold mine and the Kisita Gold Mine. Most of the gold mining in Uganda is still done by small-scale artisans, as has been the case for years.

Buy Gold In Uganda

Most areas have not been properly explored for the purposes of commercial mining. This leaves most gold rich areas to artisans who use traditional methods to mine gold. This shows the great potential that this country offers since there is so much country yet to be surveyed by competent geologists.

So if you are look to buy gold in Uganda, let African Gold Consultants help you source the highest quality and affordable gold from all over the Country. We connect gold sellers and buyers making for a speedy and successful transaction. With years of experience in sourcing gold from the African continent, we make buying and selling gold a seamless and smooth process. We are also specialists in testing, verification, documentation, customs and transportation. So for all your gold bullion needs, contact us now.

West African Gold

Gold Mining In West Africa

Gold Mining In West Africa

West African Gold mining makes the western side of the continent one the leading producers of gold bullion in the world. When it comes to mining gold in Africa, the western side of the continent is a hotspot. The region is home to many exploration companies, as well as  major companies focused on extracting the metal.

Ghana, Mali and Burkina Faso are the top West African gold mining countries. These nations are all major gold producers, and for investors interested in gold in Africa, they are important areas to keep a close eye on.

West African Gold Mining: Ghana

Ghana is one of the best places to look for gold in Africa. It is a top gold-producing country.  It supports several large gold companies, as well as a large number of artisanal miners. Artisanal mining also contributes a lot to the total amount of gold bullion produced in the country. In 2016 Ghana produced 90 MT of gold.

Gold in Africa: Mali

Gold production in Mali came to 46.9 MT in 2016, making the country Africa’s third-largest gold producer after South Africa and Ghana. Although 2017 numbers have yet to be released, some are predicting that total production from industrial and informal mines could be as much as 95 MT. This is in part due to the efforts of artisanal miners; like Ghana, Mali is home to many artisanal miners, and the country’s government said in 2017 that it expected informal miners to produce 50 MT for the year.

Artisanal Mining

Artisanal mining contributes a lot to the West African gold mining output. This type of mining can include activities as simple as panning for gold in rivers, to as complex as development of underground workings and small-scale processing plants. Globally, artisanal mining contributes up to 12% or 330 tones of annual gold production. This gold input is equally a significant contribution to both the international gold industry and the economy for a given community.

African Gold Consultants is deeply entrenched in the West African region with a larger network connecting buyers and sellers. So if you are looking for West African Gold, then let us be your preferred partner. Therefore contact us now for all your gold bullion needs.

Buy Gold In Lithuania

Gold Mining In Africa

Gold Mining On The African Continent

African Gold mining  employs hundreds of thousands of people involved in the industry. Gold can be found in South Africa, Ghana, DR Congo, Mali, Burkina Faso and a host of other countries. While large scale mining thrives, a lot of the gold produced on the continent is from small scale informal miners or artisan mining. Whatever your requirements are, African Gold Consultants is here to help you source the purest high quality gold.

We have been in the gold mining industry on the African continent for years and know our way around it very well. Our core business is connecting gold buyers and sellers to make sure smooth and legitimate transactions occur to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Informal Gold Mining In Africa

While the informal gold mining sector on the African continent is largely unregulated, it still produces copious amounts of gold that ultimately finds its way into the formal regulated sector. It contributes greatly to the GDP in a number of African countries. We are specialists at sourcing gold produced informally all over the continent. This gold is of the highest quality and purity, but it comes at considerably cheaper and affordable prices to the gold mined formally by established mines.

Acquiring Physical Gold

If you are interested in acquiring physical gold from Africa, then get in touch with African Gold Consultants so we can source affordable high quality 24 karat gold for you.

The continent is abound with thousands of informal gold mines and sellers. The question is how do distinguish between genuine, legitimate, documented and verifiable gold sellers and those who are not? With years of countless experience on the continent, we help you navigate these complexities, enabling you acquire gold bullion in a safe and enabling environment. We take care of the sourcing and documentation required for you to transact in a legitimate way. Therefore if you wish to acquire physical gold, then contact us immediately to source the product for you.

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