We at African Gold Consultants offer our services as International sourcing agents and Consultants to our clients to link buyers and sellers of different assorted minerals and commodities as per buyer and seller needs. As advisers we study product prices globally and within regional markets, product trends, and conduct significant research on statistical data. This valuable information helps our clients in taking prompt and strategic business decisions. Our major strength is based on our knowledge of the global mineral commodities market which we have gathered over a period of years. Presenting our clients with different business opportunities from all corners which help expand their product portfolio and enables them to remain competitive in every market. Our ability to correctly and promptly assess global market psychology gives us the edge over our competitors. We also provide our foreign clients with comprehensive information about our local markets and also markets worldwide.

We also offer consultation procedures for organizations in form of procuring,vetting,assessing and advising our clients the rightful approach towards certain projects and decisions to be made.